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Product & Service


Griffinest Asia Securities offers you a comprehensive mix of investment choices:
Mutual Funds

Griffinest Asia Securities offers a variety of mutual funds to our customers. We have reviewed from a pool of 9,000 of mutual funds and are able to compile data based on their investment strategies, management, and risk-adjusted return.

Onshore Mutual Funds

  1. Equity Fund
  2. Fixed Income Fund
  3. Balance Fund

Through our trading system you can conveniently invest in the following investments: 1) Listed companies in all U.S. exchanges; 2) Nasdaq stocks; 3) Bulletin Board stocks; and/or 4) Pink Sheet stocks. Our investment platform also allows global trading capacity for well-versed investors.

Fixed Income

Griffinest Asia Securities offers a wide variety of fixed income securities for the investors seeking steady income and portfolio diversification. The products include: 1) U.S. Treasury bonds, notes, and bills; 2) U.S. Government Sponsored Enterprise (GSE) securities; and/or 3) U.S. Corporate Bonds.


Griffinest Asia Securities provides seasoned investors who understand the risk/return characteristics the services of options transaction. Through our options trading system, our clients have access to efficient option execution from the major option markets within the United States.

Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs)

Griffinest Asia Securities offers a selection of exchange traded funds (ETFs) for investors seeking portfolio diversification and ease of investing. ETFs typically track certain indices and have similar risk/return patterns as index funds. However they can be traded intra-day at exchanges, can be sold short for hedging, and usually have lower expense ratios. We provide ETFs that have different market coverage, industry focus, and regional or country concentration.

Asset Management Assistance

Our financial consultants will assist you in asset management. We will help you evaluate your financial needs, determine your return objectives and risk tolerance, advise on investment strategies, suggest allocation among different asset classes, choose appropriate investment vehicles and execute transactions. We will help you manage your portfolio under your authorization.

Retirement Accounts

The decision of participating in a retirement account can significantly affect your financial situation after retirement. Griffinest Asia Securities offers a wide variety of retirement accounts that should fit your needs and we stand by to assist you in account transfers and retirement planning.